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Astonishing Shape-shifting robot

It may not look like a character from the Transformer franchise, but a tiny robot made by MIT in the US is able to change shape. Built at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), it uses magnets to mimic molecules that fold up themselves into composite shapes. The study could lead to robots that could be reconfigured to perform many different tasks.

According to Neil Gershenfeld, head of MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms It's effectively a one-dimensional robot that can be made in a continuous strip, without conventionally moving parts. It is composed of pairs of a powerful lasting magnet and a weaker magnet with a magnetic field that changes direction when an electric current is applied.

It would be challenging for such a robot to work beside artificial-intelligence machinery, but the technology could have many real-world applications.

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Face book fault: bypasses password protections

Face book has moved rapidly to shut down a loophole which made some accounts accessible without a password. The message contained a search string that, when used on Google, returned a catalog of links to Face book accounts. In a few cases clicking on a link logged in to that account without the need for a password. According to Mr. Jones, Regardless, due to some of these links being disclosed, we've turned the feature off until we can better ensure its security for users whose email contents are publicly noticeable.

Email alerts about status updates and notifications often contain a link that lets a user of the social network react quickly by clicking it to log in to their account. The message posted to Hacker News used a search syntax that exposed a system used by Face book that lets users speedily log back in to their account. The bug was showing in a message posted to the Hacker News website.
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Apple: Innovative IPad Mini

Apple has unveiled its widely-anticipated 7.9in tablet, the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini will compete straight with cheaper similar-sized tablets lately launched by Google, Amazon, Samsung and others. The iPad Mini launch ends years of speculation that Apple was considering launching a new, smaller version of its bestselling iPad range.

During the presentation, Mr. Schiller stressed out the importance of being able to hold the device in one hand a nod to the more travel-friendly appeal of the slighter devices. However, Adam Leach, principal analyst at Ovum, said he had expected the iPad Mini to be more competitively priced. It forecast that Apple would hold a 68% share of the marketplace in 2012, compared to 29% for Android tablets.
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